E-Marketing and Distribution

With the change and growth of technology over the last 15 years, hospitality electronic marketing has gained a high degree of significance in managing the web as well as GDS channels, in certain markets today, above 85 % of bookings are made through electronic marketing channels and not by a phone call / email/fax. The ease of booking services at the click of a mouse allows guests to easily compare, access, discuss and book hospitality services.

Asia and middle east, at present, does not have that high a percentage. However, the market is fast turning towards higher usage of web based booking systems (both third party as well as direct) or GDS systems (for corporates). This change in technology and its availability to all consumers has also caused a flooding of service providers, with specialist providers for electronic marketing solutions in GDS and Web. Be it the GDS connection companies or their different interfaces such as SynXis – Sabre, Pegasus, Soft brands, Ihotelier – Travel Click, Trust, Secure Rez or hotel representation companies like World Hotels, Preferred Hotels; with web and GDS booking engines or even third party hotel booking sites like Agoda, Bookings dot com and many, many others, the list goes on and on.

  • who do I work with? what is the right balance of sales push?
  • inventory availability?
  • promotions, advertising, visibility and guest feedback?
  • how do I ensure that all my electronic channels are interconnected to my PMS?

These are some of the many questions hotel investors / owners / management companies and

GMs grapple  with today.

At GNC HOSPITALTY , we recognize that there is no simple answer for all these questions but that the

answer to most of these question lies within your organization’s existing systems (except for a new hotel, where a tri-party interfaced system can be recommended).

Almost all systems have the ability with some upgrades, to be interconnected. We evaluate your current electronic marketing systems, create processes and steps to link and balance connectivity, in a seamless manner. Simultaneously the GNC HOSPITALTY  team, on your behalf, also develops sales strategies for electronic distribution and visibility with the right mix to generate and optimize revenue results.